Career MAP

Caree Advancement With KRIGGERS

Every succesful candidate who starts his journey is given the same degree of training, mentoring & support but most of all, the opportunity to progress at each kevel as quickly as they can.
1. Business Associate (BA)
Learn the essentials of Marketing, Face to Face Advertising, Customer Engagement, Sales Efficiency.

2. Leader
Become a skilled leader at sales & marketing & advance to leadership roles to maximise business performance.

3. Team Leader
At this stage, learn the basics of human resource development, through hiring & training & developing individuals, expanding crew & delivering targets.

4. Assistant Owner
Become skilled at managing , coaching, monitoring & motivating a team to maximize business performance.

5. Owner
Understand the basics of Business Administration, Finances & operations, moreover learn what is required to run a business of your own.
Strategize plan & manage resources & clients; Run & own your own marketing unit using your business decisions to decide its growth & profitability.