Our Services Includes

We provide sales, marketing , brand experience & staff training services across India. We have a proven track record across these disciplines .Our success stems from our hands-on approach & the meticulous planning that is required for each brand campaign. However , the people that we employ to represent our clients are the key of our expanding success over the years.

Sales Management

We will work with you to understand your objectives & your requirements. Then we will plan a trial & use the learnings from it to build a bespoke field sales team for you, with the appropriate level of training, accreditation & field management. We can provide you with skilled sales staff for tactical, short term campaigns or if your strategy is to a build a standalone acquisition channel, we can do that too.

Field Marketing

Field Marketing involves providing & managing highly skilled & trained people to conduct brand-building strategic (long-term) or tactical (short-term) campaigns on behalf of clients. We provide the field marketing staff to work on our clients’ behalf & we manage them. They are known as ‘brand ambassadors’ & they are employed directly by us. We offer a range of field marketing services depending on the client’s requirements.

Brand Campaigns

Delivering the customer a positive brand experience is at the heart of any experiential campaign. We want the customer to walk away thinking “Wow, that was good!”
It’s more than just sales or marketing; sometimes it’s the combination of both in an immersive environment.
Open communication in customer/consumer friendly environment resulting to an accelerated sales growth leading to more productivity, brand awareness & a heightened customer Satisfaction & thus create an everlasting BRAND EXPERIENCE to the end consumer.

Road Trips

As our brand ambassadors , who are representing our clients in local territories on a day to day basis, & yielding maximum possible results from the same; thus these territories over a period of time get exhausted & to get similar results from the same becomes little difficult. Sometimes these territories just need a breather.
So, to maximise the results we have come up with a unique marketing solution called as ROADTRIPS, these road trips are carried out by a team of our representatives/brand ambassadors , wherein they approach customers/consumers in untapped territories or market for our clients by setting up a virtual office for 7-10 days in that respective territories.


Apart from other marketing mix, we also handle events which can be Mall events, Corporate events etc., through which we reach out to multiple customer base at one particular setup only, which is beneficial in terms of revenue generation as well saves lot of time as well.

Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition refers to bringing in new customers - or convincing people to buy your products. It is a process used to bring consumers down the marketing funnel from brand awareness to purchase decision. The cost of acquiring a new customer is referred to as customer acquisition cost (or CAC for short).
Multiple ways of face to face sales we provide
1) Business to Business

2) Business to Customer

3) Business to Government and Defence

4) Telesales

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